• April 21st, 2016

How does university life impact on occupational balance on medical students?

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

This report should be 10,000 words and structured as group work (e.g. use we, our …etc).
-The topic above is the research question that should be answered in the report.
-The hypothesis is: medical students have no occupational balance in weekdays.
-The attachment document is the criteria that should be followed (the yellow highlighted columns)
– There should be 20 mixed method survey questionnaire (e.g. close questions, open-ended questions) conducted among 50 medical students in universities in Saudi Arabia (it is ok to answer the questions by yourself by imagining).
-The universities that should take the participant from (King Saud University and Princess Noura Bin Abdulrahman University), also it should analysis the way of way selecting those participants (e.g. electronic survey that posted in twitter to be completed from medical students in these 2 universities) ..
– 1 copy of the survey questions in a separate document.
-Further instructions will be in the attached file that describes each step of the report.

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