• April 16th, 2016

How air pollutants kill?

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

The text of the term paper should cover around 10-12 pages of double-spaced printing, with additional 5-6 figures, 2- 3 tables, appendixes (optional), and references.

Format of term paper
1) Title page – Highlight the title of your paper, your names and student ids, with a table of contents, a 200 word of summary (abstract,
single spacing) and 5 keywords listed.
2) Introduction – Define the topic of your assay; outline the background and objective(s) of the essay. State the question and identify the
problems and outline key concepts involved; explain why the topic you choose is important and how you are going to address the issue.
3) Use facts and figures (quantitative analyses) to support your points of view. Use data to explain why one solution is better or more viable than the other. Beware of data interpretation. Do critical analysis of data or figures you collected. Please use your own figures and tables
and DO NOT cut and paste of any published materials.
4) Discussion – State your conclusion(s) and compare the information you collected. List your recommendations. Explain why your proposals
may represent an improvement over what the Government is suggesting or doing. Make a brief conclusion (not summary) at the end of your
5) Provide the source(s) of your data or information. Cite the references you used in a proper manner (e.g. websites with downloaded date;
papers with page numbers and journal article names, etc).

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