• April 12th, 2016

History of the World Wide Web

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

For your ESSAY PORTION of your project, you must choose a topic, event, person or issue in American History from 1606-2000 and develop a question that interests you and has historical meaning as well as historical context. You MUST include CONTEXT—not just answers or a shopping list of “this happened…and then this…and finally, whalaa! America is great!”. Context means having a broad knowledge of the various aspects of political, social, cultural, and economic, among other, backgrounds that are occurring during the time period under study. Play Devil’s Advocate…ask hard questions that are hard to answer. Also, to inform your understanding of the context and to show you understand the context, you must use SECONDARY SOURCES, including the books and articles (if possible) from our class. Worth: 100 points.
Essays should be between 3-4 pages (double-spaced, normal font and margins) to answer a specific question about the historical past you have created in as much tight detail as possible. Example of Historical Research question: “How did women’s suffrage change political parties in the United States in the 1920s?”
You must use Chicago-Style citations (footnotes or endnotes) and draw from primary and secondary sources. And, follow essay writing guidelines (thesis, body paragraphs, conclusion…). Make sure to include a brief introductory paragraph that introduces your topic and question, the time period under study, and how this event/topic/person shaped American History. This is the Significance, or the “Why should I care?” portion of your essay. The significance should be appropriate and not overly celebratory. For example, phrases such as “And even though it was a difficult time for Americans, this issue helped shape America into the greatest and most free country in the world.” This is FLUFF, not significance. A better significance may be something more like: “Although the First World War set America’s place as a world power, it also created an entire generation of Americans who felt distinctly isolationist and would demand that the U.S. remain out of foreign entanglements until 1941.”

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