• April 16th, 2016

History Class

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Please answer the final essay question for my History class as Exam paper with 3 page and
Since 1500 CE, the countries of Western Europe, more than other areas of the world, began to rise to dominance. Identify the element necessary for that rise to occur, and using concrete example, please explain the process. You may want to consider whether the attributes you discuss can bring great success if they are out of balance or if they all need to present.
Please use book called “traditions and encounters, edition5th edition”. Below is the link for the outline of each chapter of the book. Use that to support the below reason.

1. The crusade
2. Interacting with different culture
3. the enlightenment movement
4. the discovery of the new world
5. technology in weapon and ship
6. the scientific movement
7. the revolution
8. the economic system from feudalism to mercantilism to capitalism

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