• January 6th, 2017

History class- Research Paper

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The research paper target is Jules Verne.
The years between the 1870s and the Second World War saw the creation of many great works of literature, art, and music. The study of the creators of these works is interesting in itself and can also shed light on the broader cultural developments of this time. Many creators worked in new styles that became known as Modernism or Modern Art, but others worked in more traditional styles.
The paper should be a biography of the selected person but should also go beyond that to analyze his or her life and work. It should also situate him or her in the context of his or her times. Did he or she belong to any slightly artistic Movements? Did he or she have opinions on the broader political, religious, or social issues of the era, and if so, how did they affect his or her work? Her work still valued today?

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