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Question 1-) Read through page 1-47 and answer the following:


As you begin the initial readings, you will note that the original English colonies were founded by different kinds of Englishmen, some looking for religious freedom (Plimouth or Pennsylvania), some looking for financial gain (Virginia or New York- eventually), others being sent to the New World to provide a buffer between Spanish Florida and the southern English colonies (Georgia). Your task is to define several of these colonies from the perspective of the “differentness” of the individuals who first settled them. The object of this assignment is to see that even though bound by a common language, and a common allegiance to the British government, there are many more distinctions among these people that were important in distinguishing them from one another. We are on a path now of seeing how those who come after the English, will simply accentuate this “differentness” as they elbow one another to make room for themselves in the presence of those who had come earlier. Can we do the same for the first Africans brought to these shores, the second group to immigrate to America?


Question 2: Read from page 48 to 100 and answer the following.


On the one hand, Mr. Franklin tells us how “loathsome” are the German migrants moving to Pennsylvania. Yet, in our next reading, we see how “triffling” is Mr. Moraley, an English indenturer” who initially settled with his master in Burlington, New Jersey, then later moving to Philadelphia. Moraley thinks not having a “Pass” to move around the colonies is “grievous” harmful since it limits his ability to run away from his indentured master and move out on his own, thereby breaking the law by breaking his contract of indentured servitude. It appears that Franklin would be more apt to excuse Moraley’s behavior than the same by a German indenturer running from place to place, simply because Moraley spoke the language and was from England. How do you judge the bias of Mr. Franklin based on the case of Mr. Moraley, in contrast with his bias towards a German indenturer guilty of the same kind of behavior?

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