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ESSAY QUESTION: How does the history of hunting (c. 1800 to present) reflect humans’ changing relationships with nature in the Western world?

You should be able to find a respectable amount of literature on the history of
hunting. But Donna Landry’s The Invention of the Countryside (2001) is an excellent
starting point (and perhaps not obvious by the title). In addition, E.P. Thompson’s
Whigs and Hunters (1975) offers an interesting political perspective on hunting in
eighteenth-century England (by a well-known British Marxist historian). Iris
Middleton, ‘Fox Hunting Traditions: Fact or Fantasy?’, Sport History Review, 28
(1997), 19-32 may also be useful, but you will need to see me to obtain a copy of this
and several other texts. If you want a short, readable, polemical defence of hunting
by a conservative modern philosopher, see Roger Scruton, On Hunting (1998) [You
may need to see me]. Some further readings (which include historical perspectives
on empire, conservation, and hunting):
Matt Cartmill, A View to a Death in the Morning (1996, 1993)
William Beinart and Peter Coates, Environment and History: The Taming of Nature in the USA and South Africa (1995) Harriet Ritvo, The Animal Estate: The English and Other Creatures in the Victorian Age (1990) John MacKenzie, Empire of Nature (1988) William Beinart and Lotte Hughes, Environment and Empire (2009), chapter 4
David C. Itzkowitz, Peculiar Privilege: A Social History of English Foxhunting 1753-
1885 (1977)

You must restrict your subject to the period 1800 to present. I do not want an essay on a contemporary environmental debate, which simply summarizes popular and specialist journalism. This must be a history essay that is grounded in recognized historical scholarship.

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