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  • March 24th, 2016


Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

  1. Your opening paragraph should briefly address these two questions. In general, what is this book about? What is Cronon’s thesis?
  2. When Europeans first arrived in New England, what did they find? What were the most important ways the New England environment differed from that of Europe? In what ways did they find that environment to be of value of them?
  3. Explain how the New England environment –plants, animals, climate, topography- accounted for the diversity found in the Indian Tribes that lived there? For example, how does it explain why northern New England tribes differed from those in southern New England? What were those differences? In what ways did the New England environment shape or influence the development of the lifestyles and society of the tribes that lived there? How did Indians shape and manipulate the environment to fit their lifestyles.
  4. Describe the respective roles of men and women in Indian society.
  5. The Indian view of property and land possession differed significantly from that of Europeans. Briefly discuss how the Indians viewed property and the possession of land. How did the European’s views on those subjects lead them to be critical of the Indian way of life and to justify their taking of Indian land?
  6. Discuss the impact of European diseases on Indian populations and society. Why were the Indians so susceptible to these diseases? In what ways did disease change and devastate Indian society?
  7. How did the Europeans conquest of New England dramatically alter its environment? In particular, discuss how the European demand for certain plant and animal products changes the character of that environment. How did European farming practices affect New England’s environment? Your discussion should include two key examples cited by Cronon.
  8. What did you think of the book? Would you recommend it? Why or why not?


Writing Instructions


  1. Use the above questions/topics as your paper outline and answer them in the order they are presented.
  2. Use some common sense in how much you write for each topic. Some topics will require more extensive coverage than others.
  3. The paper must be typed using a standard word processing program, double-spaced using normal-sized (11 or 12) and margins
  4. The best grades will go to papers that have discussed each topic/question completely, are well-organized and wee-written and follow directions. Points will be deducted for excessive grammatical and/or typographical errors so be sure than you proofread before turning it.
  5. Be careful about plagiarism

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