• March 19th, 2016


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This assignment, like all of the Digital History Assignments that you will complete this semester, invites you to “see” History differently by relying on digital sources, rather than your textbook reading.

Assignment #2: The New Deal. Select to mark as complete.
What did FDR hope to achieve with his New Deal? What were the main criticisms of it? What comparisons can be made between the New Deal and President Obama’s Recovery Act of 2009 and the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) of 2010? In your view, is the federal government responsible for ensuring Americans’ social welfare, or should all Americans rely on Herbert Hoover’s concept of “rugged individualism”?

For all of the Digital History Assignments this semester, there is no need to refer to the textbook. Instead, the point of the assignment is to rely exclusively on digital resources available on the internet.

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