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Texas Government 2306
Ethical Dilemma Paper
You are Edmund J. Davis, a former Union General and the Republican Governor of Texas in
1873. You were elected in 1869 when former Confederates were not allowed to vote. Under your
rule, black men have been given the right to vote and you have employed black men in the Texas
government. A full 25% of the Texas state police are black men. You also pushed through the
Texas Legislature a bill financing a public school system that would include education for black
children. The former confederates were allowed to vote in 1873 and Democrat Richard Coke, an
ex-Confederate defeated you in the Gubernatorial election in December by a 2-1 margin. You
fear that the new Confederate Governor along with a Confederate-dominated Legislature will
undo all of the good that you have accomplished. You believe the election that you lost,
however, was unconstitutional under the Texas Constitution of 1869. The Constitution stipulates
that “all elections shall be held at the county seats until otherwise provided by law; and the polls
shall be open for four days.” The Legislature, however, passed an Act limiting the election to one
day. The Texas Supreme Court is dominated by Republicans and you think you have a good
chance of overturning the election if you sue, arguing that the one-day election is
unconstitutional. The will of the people, however, is clearly for you to be out of office and
Richard Coke in the Governor’s chair since you lost the election in a landslide. What will you
do Edmund J. Davis?
In your essay:
1) BRIEFLY identify and describe your dilemma (no more than 3-4 sentences)
2) Use insights from your areas of study at Amarillo College to make connections
3) Connect the dilemma to your personal values and ethics
4) Find at least one scholarly source related to the dilemma and include material from that
source in your paper with appropriate citations and a bibliography. Do not use Wikipedia as a
source. Amarillo College has access to databases that will help you: see
https://www.actx.edu/library/pagesmith/34. I would recommend that you consult JSTOR: search
for terms such as “Pendleton Act,” “civil service reform,” and “Chester Arthur,” alone or in
combination with each other. Be mindful of the types of sources that you find: book reviews will
not help you but journal articles will. The correct form for Social Sciences (History) is Turabian:
see below for examples (MLA is NOT the correct form). Part of your grade will come from
citing your source(s) correctly.
5) Use correct grammar and spelling. Part of your grade will come from mechanics.
6) Your response should be a minimum of 300 words, maximum of 500 words (double spaced,
12 point font)
Submit your papers through Blackboard. Click on “Paper” under the “LessonsAssignments”
tab. If you choose to submit as a document attachment, it must be a Word
document (do not attach a Google Doc—I cannot open it without a password). DO NOT
Turabian Citation Examples
Turabian format calls for you to cite your sources using footnotes: insert a footnote whenever
you use material from a source (this includes a quote, information, or anything taken from the
source). You can find a footnote at the end of this sentence.1 Consult the documentation for your
word processor for instructions on how to insert footnotes. Put your footnotes at the bottom of
the page and number them continuously.

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