• January 3rd, 2017


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Compare the works Scales by Vallejo and The Death of 21 Years by Varallonos, and make an argument that addresses the question, “in what ways, if any, are these pieces similar or different from Northern European and Anglophone modernism?” Use the scholarship which has been uploaded and labeled as ‘supporting texts,’ refer to them by using in text citations, and include a bibliography. Please use other sources as needed. The argument should be supported by the evidence of the themes found in both (and other) texts outlined below. If you can, use the following statement as a basis for your argumentative thesis: ‘Although writers and artists from Spain, Portugal and Latin America experienced modernism in a way as acutely as their American, German, English, and French counterparts, the modernist movement and its defining characteristics do not vary between countries – that is, the modernist movement was an international phenomenon, and though Spanish and Portuguese speaking modernist artists produce work that is, in some ways, different than that of the European artists, the themes and methods used to convey the modernist values were generally similar.’

Pay special attention to several themes, including

The juxtaposition of life/death
flashback/recollection/the role of time
The role of eroticism
The imposition of a background story to the narrator

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