• April 10th, 2016

Highway Engineering A

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The public transport system in Leeds consists of various modes facing different changes in delivering an effective service. It continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of a growing population.
Since 2009, Leeds City Council has been working with other partners to add a new mode to this public transport mix, a trolley bus system known as New Generation Transport (NGT).
Your objective is to research the Leeds public transport system and write a report which addresses the questions below.
Your tasks
• List the various modes/types of public transport systems available in Leeds. (5 Marks)
• Compare the above modes of transport in terms of operation, efficiency, connectivity, price and level of use. You should use a table for this.
(10 Marks)
• Explain the possible improvements that could be made to the existing modes to attract more passengers. (10 Marks)
• Discuss the engineering constraints you would face in trying to expand each of the existing public transport networks. (10 Marks)
• Explain how the introduction of the trolley bus system (NGT) will affect the other modes of public transport. (10 Marks)
• Explain the factors that would affect the location of the route for the trolley bus system in Leeds. (10 Marks)
• What data would you need to collect in order to help you decide on the best location for the route for the trolley bus system? (5 Marks)
• Explain what parameters you would need to design the horizontal and vertical alignments of the route for the trolley bus system. (10 Marks)

• What factors would influence the location of the junctions along this route?
(10 Marks)
• What facilities would you provide for pedestrians to enable them to access the
trolley bus system? (10 Marks)
• Compare the trolley bus system proposed with a tram and discuss which would
have been an appropriate system for Leeds. (10 Marks)

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