• January 10th, 2017

Healthcare Industry Overview

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For this assignment, write a 2-3 page report that you will deliver to Mr. Magone on how the new Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) initiatives and regulations will impact the organization’s revenue structure. In your presentation, address the following questions:
• Why did CMS become more involved in the reimbursement component of health care? How does CMS’s involvement impact the reimbursement model for Healing Hands Hospital and other health care organizations? If CMS reimbursement regulations for Medicare and Medicaid change, does it follow that other insurance providers change their policies on reimbursement?
• What tools can be implemented to ensure organizations such as Healing Hands Hospital and physician practices are meeting the policies and procedures set forth by CMS?
• Identify 3 tools from the CMS Web site that are helpful in meeting the requirements for Medicare reimbursement set forth by CMS.

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