• April 11th, 2016

Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical review

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This assignment is to make you think critically about Hair. It’s why it is in the form of a review. A review, hopefully, expresses a thoughtful, informed, critical opinion about the play and production. It tells the reader, first and foremost, about the play and the production of it in order to give the reader insight into their respective strengths and weaknesses. It’s not about whether you liked it or not; it’s about the play and its production.
Remember, a review is written for the benefit of the reader. The reader doesn’t really want to know about your experience per se. The reader wants to get a sense of whether he or she should go to see the play and get an informed understanding of what it offers, both positively and negatively. So, the focus is really on the reader and informing the reader about the show. What can you tell the reader that would be of value? What aspects of the show should you draw the reader’s attention to in order to help the reader make an informed decision to buy a ticket or prepare for the experience of the show?
So, think about the reader and frame your argument in terms of the reader’s possible experience. Ask yourself what aspects of the show shaped your experience and then let the reader know what those aspects were and why knowing about them might be of value to him or her.
Thinking About the Overall Point of View in a Review

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