• April 27th, 2016

Gun Control on college campus

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Author shows the reader both sides of the argument, including giving a clear example for both. However, they strongly prove that their assertion is the correct one to be taken seriously. All reasons are effectively supported by details and examples that are presented in a very effective order that enhances the argument as presented in the thesis statement.
Very Well developed introduction and thesis statement. Engages the reader and creates interest. States the opposing side first, defines the argument, and takes a stand.
Each paragraph contains a clearly focused topic sentence that relates to the thesis statement. Reasons for the argument are clearly stated, and there are enough details / research to support the argument effectively and thoroughly. Concrete and specific examples are presented that effectively support and strengthen the argument.
The concluding paragraph clearly and effectively restates the argument and gives valid reasons in support of the argument. It may also call for action from the reader or at least invoke thought about the argument.
Writer convincingly builds own and opponent’s ethos through empathy. Analyzes the conditions under which both claims are valid. Uses dispassionate language to cool emotions on both sides.
A complete works cited page with in text citations in MLA format. No mechanical or grammatical errors evident.

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