• March 6th, 2016

Growth Enhancing Relationships Group db5

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For this discussion, you must respond to at least three of the listed questions. Be sure to use the subject heading that indicates which question you are responding to. The subject heading is the words enclosed in the parentheses. Also, keep in mind that it’s best to keep your posts to no longer than 2-3 paragraphs per question. This can help keep the postings more manageable as we move forward. • According to Relational Cultural Theory, what does it take for growth-enhancing relationships to occur? Do you agree with her thinking on this topic, if not what would you add/change? (GROWTH) • According to Relational Cultural Theory, what is the impact of disconnection? (DISCONNECTION) • How does relational cultural theory differ from some of the more traditional theories discussed in your readings (i.e., Bergman)? (DIFFER) • For this option, please read the following quote and respond to the question(s) listed below (JORDAN). “If the less powerful person can state the disconnection and bring attention to the pain caused by a more powerful person and the more powerful person listens empathically and is responsive, the less powerful person learns that she matters, that she can be relationally effective and can bring about positive change in a relationship. If, however, the more powerful person does not listen, responds with invalidation, humiliation or violence, the less powerful person learns to keep that aspect of his or her experience out of the relationship. He or she ceases representing herself or himself fully in that relationship. With that often necessary self-protection, the relationship is weakened, mutuality is lessened and people often move into more chronic disconnection…” (Jordan, 2008, p. 2). o What connections do you make between this passage and: o The interactions depicted in the Color of Fear? o The Audre Lorde readings from last term, particularly those that focused on anger? (Think about when anger births destruction, versus fosters change, to paraphrase Lorde) o Other readings or materials covered within the HBSE sequence?

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