• January 3rd, 2017

Green LEED™ Architecture

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements
Resources: LEED™ Presentation; Energy Usage Calculation spreadsheet
Read the LEED™ Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentation to gain an understanding of the standard for green architecture.
Select the design of a home that uses standard architectural design or nonrenewable, inefficient energy guidelines.
Complete the Energy Usage Calculation spreadsheet. Use the Energy Usage Calculation spreadsheet to complete the following:
• Determine the most efficient alternative energy design that would reduce the energy output through built-in calculation.
• Compare the energy usage in the original to the new design of the chosen home.
Redesign your chosen building to achieve a certified, silver, or gold level of LEED™ certification.
Prepare a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation and include the following:
• Outline your idea for an alternative energy design that includes LEED™ architecture.
• Determine the most energy-efficient design or alternative energy for the home or building you have chosen.
• Describe how you might integrate sustainable energy sources and technologies into the design.
• Report the energy savings of the new design.
• Compare actions you might take in daily activities at home, when commuting, and to work to reduce the energy you consume.

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