• March 28th, 2016

Great Films

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Please read “Theory of the Film: Sound” before viewing The Hurt Locker.
Bela Balaz’s “Theory of the Film: Sound” considers the use and implementation of sound in film. Look to cite at least two ideas or notions he has in regards to sound in film and connect it to how that technique is being used in The Hurt Locker.

While montage is a technique used in film editing in which a series of short shots is edited into a sequence to condense narrative, it also creates meaning through the jutxaposition of images on the screen. By placing seemingly disconnected shots next to each other, associations are created. With that in mind, check out the following film montages and consider these questions. What associations are created through the juxapostion of images? What ideas and feelings emerge over the course of each montage.

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