• April 18th, 2016

Government Contracting questions 2

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Please see attached questions. Remember to reference the FAR 2005.



Problem 1

Cali Manufacturing shipped 50,000 new Air Force uniform shirts to the Uniform Supply Center (USC) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The “off the shelf” procurement order arrived on Friday, earlier than anticipated, and on a very busy day for the receiving department. The shirts were cursorily examined and sent to the warehouse for storage. A few weeks later, upon closer examination, it was found that the epaulets were missing.



  1. What are the USC’s rights, if any?


Problem 2

Ogden Air Logistics Center (OALC) ordered a large, complex machine from Union Tool for $103,000. Three months after installation and several attempts to repair by Union Tool, OALC canceled the contract. Union Tool filed suit for damages.



  1. What arguments do you anticipate the parties making and what is the likely outcome?


Problem 3

The Services Squadron Commander, Major Roberts, goes to a sporting goods store and requests to purchase racquetball racquet covers for the 200 new racquets that he just received from the newest high tech world class racquetball manufacturer. He informs the store clerk of the model number and name of the new racquets. The clerk returns with a box full of covers and accepts Major Robert’s IMPAC card. When Major Roberts returns from temporary overseas duty, three weeks later, he finds the covers do not fit. He seeks to return the covers but is told that the store’s advertised policy is that all sales are final.


  1. What would you advise Major Roberts to do?

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