• April 23rd, 2016

Government Contract Questions Q-2

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Answer 7 questions

provide supporting references for your responses.  Half credit will be given for responses with no reference or references that do not support your answer.   reference the FAR 2005. https://www.acquisition.gov/?q=/browse/far/14


  1. When is it appropriated to use FAR part 13 and what is the simplified acquisition threshold?


  1. What happens if there is a tie on a sealed bid?


  1. What is a responsive bid?


  1. What must you verify to determine a contractor to be responsible?


  1. When must the Contracting Officer amend a solicitation?


  1. When is it appropriate to use a RFQ, RFP, IFB?


  1. What are the types of defects in inspection and acceptance and provide examples of each?

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