• April 19th, 2016

Governance and Public Policy

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

In preparation for your paper you will need to read:

World Survey on Governance in ‘ Making Sense of Governance: Empirical Evidence from 16 Developing Countries” Hyden, G, Court, J. and Mease, K ( 2004) Appendix 223-236

In 900-1000 words answer the following questions with respect to the World Survey on Governance:

What indicators of governance are included?
What indicators of governance are missing?
How do these inclusions or omissions impact on the reliability of the survey?
How could the survey be improved?

To be successful in this assignment you will need to:

Read and critically analyse the World Survey on Governance in Hyden et al ( 2004) Appendix 223-236.

Consider the apriori norms and aposteriori indicators that are present within the survey.

Clearly and concisely answer the 4 questions posed above.
Submit by the due date.

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