• April 20th, 2016

Globalization and Politics

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Write and essay about Mexico. This essay should apply the geopolitical approach, it should cover geopolitical characteristics of Mexico, the main sources of social power (economic, military, political and ideological), and the main challenges facing it.

What constitutes a good assignment?: A good essay will
1. make use of geopolitical concepts.
2. consist of an introduction setting out the structure and argument of the essay, a main body organized in paragraphs each representing a stage in a sustained argument, and a conclusion summarizing the main points.
3. show good knowledge and understanding of the subject based on the resources.
4. avoid making unsupported assertions and will ensure that all claims are supported by evidence and examples (which must be properly acknowledged in references)
5. be written in clear grammatical English, with proper spelling and punctuation, and with proper referencing using an approved system.
6. illustrated by maps and diagrams where appropriate and supported by at least five recent articles with computer links so that they can be inspected by the instructor.

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