• April 23rd, 2016

Global Trends in Television

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

“Global Trends in Televison: Assessment and assessment criteria:
You will be assessed in two ways on this module: a project outline, which you present in class (weighting 30%), and an individual project of 3000 words (weighting 70%). ” I have already completed the first section (the project outline) and will attach it. The project must revolve around the topic I have chosen which is: “Exploring how the audience experience of television is changing with the impact of social TV as a new mode of engagement”.
About the project:
-The project is the main assessment for this module. Based on the issue areas we cover in the module, you get to choose an area of your own interest to specialize in and write a 3000 word essay on your project.
Regardless of what area you choose your project should include:
-One or two focused questions that you intend to answer in the project;
-A section evaluating theories and research relevant for your project;
-A section containing your main analysis, i.e. where you explore the issue you have chosen and attempt to answer the questions you are asking using your chosen literature;
-A concluding section summarizing your results;
-A bibliography containing both secondary and primary sources.

The assessment criteria for the project are:
(1) The extent to which you have undertaken proper research on your chosen issue and relevant theories in preparation of your project.
(2) The extent to which you demonstrate a reflexive understanding of relevant theories and concepts.
(3) Originality of the project.
(4) Coherence and structure of the project (includes clarity of style and adherence to academic standards for referencing).

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