• April 20th, 2016

Global Trade Strategy for Samsung

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Using one company with which you are familiar, propose objectives and strategies for the company to improve its global trade distribution activities, along with marketing mix for one of the company’s products or services. Place some emphasis on module topics and ensure that your work brings out the fact that this is a globally trading company.




This module is about global trade distribution. Credit will be given for drawing out issues covered in the module lectures illustrated by your company. You should include a number of references to relevant books, journals, or other sources set out using a name-date (some people call that Harvard) style of referencing and citing. The assignment should demonstrate some of your critical and analytical thinking, along with application of academic material to your practical cases. Keep in mind that this essay, along with your examination, is used to assess your achievement of the module intended learning outcomes and Level Descriptors for your level of work, which is Level 5.

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