• April 9th, 2016

Global cyber threat landscape and determine which cyber threats are the most critical to the United States

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Research and assess, in 12 or more pages, the global cyber threat landscape and determine which cyber threats are the most critical to the United States. 1) Identify the state actors and non-state actors that pose the greatest cyber threat to the United States and justify your selections. 2) Describe how the mix of state and non-state actors you identified should affect policy maker decision-making and policy development for critical infrastructure protection. 3) Describe and discuss the most threatening critical infrastructure cyberattack technologies, the cyberattack technologies operation, their potential for national and international disruption, and how each of the cyberattack technologies affect the threat landscape for critical infrastructure. Be sure to address the threat posed by Stuxnet-like cyberattacks. 4) Describe and discuss how combinations of the key cyberattack technologies (in concert and independently over time) affect the cyber threat from each type of actor. 5) Describe and discuss how virtualization and cloud computing technologies can be used to mitigate the threats you discuss.

Support your statements, conclusions, and positions with evidence from the required readings as well as additional sources and be sure to cite diligently. Describe real-world examples that support your positions.

The 12 page minimum length runs from the paper’s Introduction to its Conclusion. The table of contents, section headings and sub-headings are required. The page count DOES NOT include the title page, the table of contents page, the references and appendices. It also does not include additional sections such as an abstract. The paper should include, at a minimum, which threats are the most critical to the U.S. among the global threat landscape and why you think these threats are the most critical. It should also answer the questions above in depth. Prepare your paper in Word. 8 credible, external sources. At least 75% of references should be based on official reports, scholarly studies, or peer-reviewed journal articles (IEEE, ACM, BlackHat, or similar). The citations and the reference list in the paper should be formatted in accordance with APA 6th edition guidelines.

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