• February 7th, 2017

Global Business Relationships.

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Within the GLO-BUS simulation, you should complete the first year decision, Year 9. This Year 9 decision will be graded. Go to the GLO-BUS Web site and review the Year 8 information on your company’s operating results. You may wish to print a copy of the Year 8 company operations reports to easily review the information.
When you complete your decision activity write and submit a short paper (approximately 1–2 double-spaced pages) analyzing your previous and current decisions, and your anticipated results.
This paper is meant to be a rolling analysis assessment, which looks backward and forward in time. It is not expected you will have a full and complete picture of that particular week’s results, prior to writing the paper. The intention for this assignment is for you to indicate:
• What strategy you will be implementing.
• What your most recent decisions are, and why.
• What your current view of your anticipated results is.
• And optionally, where you are going in the future.

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