• April 18th, 2016

Gettier Problem – Term Paper

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Basic Formatting: 24 lines of text per page, with one-inch margins on all sides. Use Times 12 -point font. Number the pages, but don’t number the first page. Do not make a separate title page. Please include title; center it on the first line of the first page. 10-12 pages.

***IMPORTANT**** This is a term paper; it involves developing an argument ( or a series of arguments) in response to conducting research.

TOPIC: Gettier’s articles gave rise to a huge body of literature featuring attempt to complete an analysis of knowledge along the lines of the traditional JTB analysis. Of these attempts, which strikes you as the most plausible? Has any attempt been successful?
Must develop an argument.

SOURCES: My course textbook is “Epistemology An Anthology” Second Edition by Ernest Sosa, Jaegwon Kim, Jeremy Fantl, and Matthew McGrath
Locating sources: at the end of Sosa (textbook), at al’s introductions to each Part of their text, you wil find several suggestions for further reading. You may also consider looking at the bibliographies of relevant entries within the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosphy (plato.standord.edu) to track down further sources
You are not limited to resources.

Writing Resources: spot.Colorado.EDU/%7Etooley/WritingEssays.html

REQUEST: May I please have preparation PLAN for this term paper. TO see what you are writing about *POINTS* or arguments that you are using, or papers, and maybe few resources. Just so I have a gist of what you are writing about. Please.

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