• April 22nd, 2016

Geology (and other Earth Sciences)

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Glaciers – Ch. 22

  • How do glaciers grow? Shrink?
  • How do glaciers move? • What is a mountain glacier? a continental glacier?
  • What is till? Outwash? Loess?
  • What are U-shaped valleys, arêtes, cirques, tarns, and horns?
  • What is a moraine? terminal moraine? lateral moraine? recessional moraines?
  • How do lakes associated with glaciers form? What kind of deposits form in them?
  • About when did the “ice age” begin, according to recent studies? ________________
  • About how many glacial advances and retreats occurred during this time? ___________
  • Times between glacial periods are called _______________________
  • When the water is colder, plankton incorporate more _____ in their shells (made of calcite).
  • Were there other ice ages in Earth’s history? What is the evidence?
  • What are 2 ways that plate tectonics can control whether or not there is an ice age?
  • What are 3 natural (not human-related) causes of long term changes in carbon dioxide concentration? How are the vast coal swamps during the end of the Paleozoic related to Permian glaciations?
  • Within an ice age there are multiple advances and retreats. What did the scientist Milankovitch discover that explained their timing?
  • What is solar insolation?

Global Change in the Earth System – Ch. 23

  • Name 3 processes that contribute carbon dioxide to the atmosphere
  • Name 3 processes that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
  • Name 3 types of deposits that form long-term storage for carbon dioxide
  • What does a greenhouse gas in the atmosphere do to keep our atmosphere warmer?
  • What are the 5 main greenhouse gases? Which forms the greatest proportion? Which are the most significant in influencing temperature?
  • _____________ feedback enhances a process and amplifies its consequences.
  • _____________ feedback slows a process down or even reverses it.
  • What are 5 ways that ancient climate (paleoclimate) is studied? • What is albedo?
  • How has agriculture contributed to global warming?
  • How does burning coal, natural gas and oil contribute to global warming?
  • How much more carbon dioxide do humans emit each year, compared to volcanic eruptions during one year?
  • How much of the human released carbon dioxide remains in the atmosphere?
  • What are 5 observations that indicate the planet is currently warming? • What are some current effects of global warming?

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