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Fouberg and his colleagues (2015) suggest that in the era of globalization, cultural diffusion is a much more guided process than the previous diffusion of cultural traits such as language. On page 231 of the textbook, they discuss the infrastructure that is behind the production of popular culture. Despite these global processes of diffusion, however, local culture remains relevant. For example, aspects of popular culture such as music will take on new forms by the people and culture of a local place.


The reterritorialization of popular culture is defined in Human Geography: People, Place and Culture, to be “… a process by which people start to produce an aspect of popular culture themselves, doing so in the context of their local culture and place, and making it their own.” (Fouberg et al.: 231).


The objective of this assignment is to consider the process of reterritorialization using the example of popular music. Three journal articles are available on Nexus that examine the diffusion and adaptation in a local setting of 1) world music, 2) hip hop and 3) heavy metal. Choose one of these articles to accomplish the following:

  • Provide a succinct summary of the article outlining (a) the overall objective, (b) the main discussion points and (c) conclusion;
  • Develop an evaluation of how this article demonstrates the reterritorialization of popular music.

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