• April 4th, 2016

Geographies of the global economy

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

The project will examine Vancouver, applying the theoretical concepts introduced in the course to this particular geographical location. Covering firm structure and geography, ownership, corporate governance, organization, position in regional and global frameworks.
For the city you are expected to apply the theoretical content of the course
multinational corporations,
Regional regulation/frameworks
Global regulation/frameworks

It is expected that students will use internet-based sources such as company websites and trade association publications, annual reports, media (such as The Economist and The Financial Times) and academic sources such as journals to collect and analyse data on their chosen cities.
Good projects will apply theoretical concepts to the data collected on cities to construct an insightful review of the characteristics, economy and competitiveness of the cities. Weak reports will provide weakly structured descriptions of the cities without reference to theory. Should be written in REPORT format

An example: London
If I were to structure a section on London I would cover:
Background on London (300 words) – size, population, brief history
Discussion of London’s position as a global city – where is it located in various city hierarchies? (500 words)
Foreign direct investment into London (500 words). Who invests in London and why? Main trading partners?
Outline of key sectors that are important in London (500 words).
Financial services (1,000 words)
Size and scope of the financial sector in London
Domestic and international firms. What firms have HQs in London? Which supporting firms are present?)
Firms headquartered in London (400 words)
Types of firms and their global networks
Common corporate strategy and governance?
London’s position in regional frameworks (400 words)
EU is important here.
Competition from Frankfurt and the ECB.
Changing nature of relations with EU.
London’s position in global frameworks (400 words).
Role of London as political centre of neoliberalism

Expect to collect data (where available) on the city:
GDP or similar measure (focus on city not nation state*)
Foreign direct investment (in and out)
Presence of multinational firms
Size and scope of significant industries

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