• January 3rd, 2017

Generation Gaps in the workforce.

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

• Research Design. Describe your research design in words, illustrating how you will conduct your research, your participants, a realistic site, and so on.
• Approach. Qualitative or quantitative. Please state the approach, and how it is consistent with your research problem or question.
• Rationale. Discuss how your design is suited to answering your research question.
• The Population. Describe the larger group (population) of people or data in which you are interested. Then describe the participants you will engage in your study. This may be a small segment of the population impacted by the problem you stated. You cannot gather data from everyone, so you need a sample group to involve in your research.
• Ethical Considerations. Discuss ethical issues around your proposed research, anticipating anything that might be construed as an ethical issue having to do with people, the organizations you are including in your research, the method you will use, and so on.

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