• April 7th, 2016

Gender diversity in boardrooms in GCC

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what are the reasons behind that low number, what are the barriers and what are the possible ways to increase that number. I will be interviewing board members in saudi arabia and UAE some face to face, over the phone and Skype. due to the level of the people i will be interviewing I'm trying to respect there times and will try to get as much answers as possible in any way. So my research approach depends on primary research and qualitative data analysis (coding, case study analysis, cross case study analysis) and will consider the literature and theories related to this subject. 17 questions mainly open ended questions. the aim is to get the the point of view of current board members about the gender diversity issue in boardrooms. advantage and disadvantage of the interview process should be raised somewhere. The methodology section should consist of ( Research philosophy – Research approach/method Research design – Data collection – Data analysis ).

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