• March 6th, 2016

Gender and the Family: Patriarchy in Crisis

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Patriarchy in Crisis

Valentine Moghadam. 2013. “Patriarchy in Crisis”. Chap 4.

Mounira M. Charrad. Kinship, Islam, or Oil: Culprits of Gender Inequality?

HYPERLINK “http://search.proquest.com.argo.library.okstate.edu/docview/194681807/fulltext/136FCF8F20723E4A1BB/10?accountid=4117” http://search.proquest.com.argo.library.okstate.edu/docview/194681807/fulltext/136FCF8F20723E4A1BB/10?accountid=4117


Summarize Ch 4, Moghadam


Discuss Mounira Charrad article on (Kinship, Islam, Oil)

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