• April 7th, 2016

Game Theory

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The purpose of the optional final project is to write this down formally as a game, find the solution of the game and analyze whether this solution explains the outcome we observed in the primary race.
This is motivated by an article published by the New York Times which argues that the outcome observed in the Republican primary race can be explained as a “game of chicken” (they are talking about the Hawk-Dove-Chicken game we saw in one of our first lectures).

Your task is to write down this game formally, solve the game and compare whether the solution of the game can help explain the outcome observed in the primary race so far. My belief is that the best way to formalize this is by writing a SEQUENTIAL version of the game. You will also have to choose payoff numbers and JUSTIFY your figures (you can base these payoffs, for example, on the amount of money that each candidate has received in contributions).

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