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Fundamentals of aeronautical

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

This assignment is designed to reflect the knowledge gained in this module from the lectures, the relevant sources
and the simulation process in a comprehensive marketing report. Key Learning Outcomes should be achieved by
this coursework:
4. Demonstrate an understanding of the industry profile of the major manufacturers of civil transport
aircraft. Present their latest achievements with respect to design innovation and industry support.
5. Explain the role of aircraft engine manufacturers in Civil Aerospace industry. Describe products and
services for widebody, narrowbody, corporate and regional aircraft.
6. Identify the concept of Sustainable Aviation and underline the steps taken towards environmental
Report Brief
The following report aims to evaluate your research skills on aeronautics according to the following scenario:
Coventry University
Page 2
‘You are an aviation consultant and a team leader that has been assigned to provide a comprehensive
recommendation report to Mythos Airlines that is wishing to invest in leasing 5 aircraft for the long haul market.
The airline is based in the Middle East Region and is targeting markets both in the Asia Pacific and North
America. Mythos Airlines resembles the profile of (EY) and is financial viable with a hub in DXB. Mythos is
willing to discuss key types of widebody aircrafts for a long term lease. Your director has trusted you to write the
final report that shortlists two aircraft and includes several key tasks’.
1. Shortlist two widebody aircrafts and provide a table with the following relevant data:
Aircraft type critical technical data/specifications comparison.
a. Maximum Range
b. Engines powered
c. Dimensions and Key data
d. Maximum payload
e. Number and Type of Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)
f. Passenger seating capacity in 2-class/3class configuration
g. Freight capacity
h. Maximum speed in Mach number
j. Maximum Landing weight
k. Maximum fuel capacity (or usable fuel)
l. Engines (selected)
m. Fuel flows for climbing for any typical aircraft velocity
n. Fuel flows for descend for any typical aircraft velocity.
o. Cost for lease and/or buy
p. Minimum cabin crew
q. Total orders for the aircraft type (and variant if applicable)
r. Total deliveries for the aircraft type (and variant if applicable)
s. “Aircrafts in operation” for the aircraft type (and variant if applicable)
t. Customers/operators list
2. Select any of the following long haul routes DXB-HKG or DXB – JFK and critically assess advantages and
disadvantages for operating the selected aircraft in today’s competitive environment.
3. Based on your research and analysis of findings make your final selection for the aircraft type that Mythos
Airlines should finally operate. Formulate your final conclusions and recommendations addressed to
Mythos Airlines CEO and investment Committee.
4. Use the Appendix Section to include any additional information that supports your arguments.

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