• April 11th, 2016

Freud Class Questions

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  1. The authors list five “core” psychodynamic problems (depression, obsessionality, fear of abandonment, low self esteem, panic anxiety and trauma). Pick three. For each of them answer the following questions: How does psychodynamic theory conceptualize them? What are goals of treatment? What are unique issues related to therapeutic alliance? Which techniques work best? What issues tend to come up in transference/counter transference? According to the authors, what does the evidence say? (chapters 5 & 6)


  1. What are some key components to the new narratives therapists seek to create with patients? (chapter 9)


  1. What suggestions do the authors offer about managing the transference and countertransference effectively? (12)


  1. What suggestions do the authors offer about managing termination? (chapter 15)


  1. After reading this book, what did you learn about the process of therapy that you did not know before?

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