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You are to read Chapter 3, the Freire piece, and the Week 3 Lecture Notes. You are also encouraged to watch the optional YouTube video of Sir Ken Robinson. The discussion questions for Part I focus upon the Freire, mentioned on page 78 of the assigned chapter in Robbins et al. 1. In your assigned reading, Freire compares banking education to problem-posing education. For example, he writes “banking education treats students as objects of assistance; problem-posing education makes them critical thinkers” (p. 9). How do we as social workers practice in such a way that is aligned with the underlying values and approaches of problem-posing education? What is the meaning and value of problem-posing education? Should this approach be incorporated into how we work with people as social workers? Why/why not? [Question 1] 2. On page 3 of your assigned article, Freire writes, “The truth is, however, that the oppressed are not ‘marginals,’ are not people living ‘outside’ society. They have always been “inside”—inside the structure which made them ‘beings for others.’ The solution is not to ‘integrate’ them into the structure of oppression, but to transform that structure so that they can become ‘beings for themselves.’” What connections do you see between these ideas and our underlying values as a profession, particularly as expressed by the IFSW Code of Ethics? What connections do you make with some of the overarching ideas in Chapter 3 in Robbins et al.? [Question 2] 3. What is the meaning of praxis as defined by Freire, and how does praxis tie into the idea of liberating education? Feel free to further expand upon what liberating education means, including instances where you have observed this process in action. [Question 3] additional resources can be provided if needed

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