• April 19th, 2016

Food safety management + Primary production

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  1. {Food safety management}

Critically discuss the changes which have occurred in the quality and safety of the food in Irish shops, the drivers for this change and predict how it may change into the future. (700 words) {Food safety management}

  1. {Food safety management}

In light of the extensive food safety legislation in the EU and the upcoming TTIP negotiations, critically analyse the food safety role of the Codex Alimentarius into the future. (700 words) {Food safety management}

  1. {Food safety management}

The approaches to the management of food safety in the food service sector range from those with “a heavy emphasis on pre-requisites with few CCP’s” to “little emphasis on pre-requisites and a very large number of CCP’s”. Despite this variation, the operating level of food safety depends more on the degree of control than on the approach taken.

Critically evaluate the statement above, analysing the challenges involved in the maintenance food safety in a small to medium scale food service premises, specialising in breakfast, lunchtime and corporate light lunch catering. (700 words) {Food safety management}


  1. {Primary production}

Write a brief yet comprehensive Farmer Quality Assurance Manual for Early            Lamb production, Include economic, quality and product safety aspects. (650 words) {Primary production}

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