• August 7th, 2017

Fluid mechanics

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In a pipe in which there is steady flow, the diameter at a certain cross section is 27 in. and the mean velocity is 5.25 fps. If the diameter at another cross section of the pipe is 15 in., the mean velocity at this section is A. 16.95 fps. C. 2.91 fps. B. 9.45 fps. D. 1.63 fps.
A rectangular plate 5.00 ft wide and 2.50 ft long is submerged in fresh water in an inclined position with both its upper and lower edges horizontal. The 5.00-ft dimension is measured along the incline. The vertical distances from the free surface of the liquid to the upper and lower edges are, respectively, 4.60 ft and 8.80 ft. The magnitude of the resultant force on one side of the plate is A. 10,450 lb. C. 5230 lb. B. 6870 lb. D. 3590 lb.
When the volume of air confined in the cylinder of a compressor is 2.50 cu ft, the air is subjected to a gage unit pressure equal to 34.5 psi. If the force compressing the air is removed and the unit pressure is permitted to fall to atmospheric pressure but the temperature is kept constant, the final volume of the air is A. 9.87 cu ft. C. 5.87 cu ft. B. 8.37 cu ft. D. 3.37 cu ft.

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