• April 3rd, 2016

Flooding in England UK: An Investigation into Public Awareness, Associated Risks and Government Intervention

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Dissertation Type- Secondary Data Analysis Studies (Qualitative Research). Dissertation proposals are basically a protocol of your study and therefore and should include:
An introduction which outlines the nature of the proposed work and the rationale for doing such work
A brief review of the key literature relating to the area of study and proposed methodology
Clear identification of the research problem and explicit statement of the research questions/hypotheses
An account of the proposed methodological approach including (where appropriate):
Identification of the population and strategy for sampling
Description of proposed tools/techniques to be used
Plan for data collection
Plan for data analysis
Completed and signed ethical approval form and assessment form.
Identification of any anticipated implications of the study
Remember that the more detailed your research proposal is [hence, proving you have thought all possible details of your study] the easier your dissertation will be

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