• April 20th, 2016

Flexible Working – mobile

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

  1. Flexible working practices can do more harm than good to workers because they encourage an “always on” culture that can have a heavy psychological toll, experts have warned. (Guardian, 2.1.16)


  1. Discuss the quote above providing a balanced view of the future for flexible working



  1. b) Relate your general response above to a specific industry, outlining any HRM and technology issues, and providing pertinent examples.




  1. The sense of urgency to serve customers in their mobile moments has never been more palpable. (Forrester, 2015)


  1. Choosing an area currently developing in the e-mobile landscape outline the following:


  • Why your chosen area requires research
  • What exactly is it aiming to measure and why
  • Which academic model/s you would use to support this research and why




  1. For your chosen area suggest predicted future developments (based on existing research) outlining the impact they are likely to have.


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