• April 22nd, 2016

First Half Final Paper

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Your prospectus will be the first three sections (intro, description, theory) of your final paper. You may also use your prospectus to finalize ideas you have for the rest of your final paper, but the requirements only include the first three sections. You should have at least two academic sources in your prospectus.

With this paper, you will be analyzing a piece of political rhetoric. This can include a political event, a campaign, a commercial, a social movement, or anything else that you can convince me is political rhetoric. Previous topics have included House of Cards, anti-Obamacare commercials, Hillary Clinton, and a chapter in a book by Stephen Colbert. You will have time in class to get feedback on some of your topic ideas.

Source Requirements: Minimum of five academic sources, 3 of which must be OUTSIDE the class readings.

This paper will be broken into these seven parts:
I. Intro (1-2 paragraphs)
II. Description of the piece of political rhetoric (include a few research questions at the end of this section) (1-2 pages)
III. Summary of a theory(ies) or concepts you are using (be careful of going overboard with too many, usually 1-2 is just enough) (1-2 pages)

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