• April 9th, 2016

Financing Decisions in the Retail Industry

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

a. Analyze the ownership structure of a firm
b. Evaluate the risk profile of a firm (business, financial, …) and examine the sources of risk.
c. Estimate its capital structure and cost of capital
d. Examine and evaluate its dividend policy
e. Compare reporting/information disclosure across markets

in short, we are comparing the performance of each company overall + the performance of each region and the differences between them

o You will need to use at least ProQuest, Emeralds and/or Ebsco, SSRN for the assignment and include
articles and reference material in your final submitted work. Please refer to sample article provided as a
reference. Newspaper articles do not qualify as scholarly work (may be useful for the introduction, but
not for the literature review).
You may pick 6 firms from the same industry with a minimum of 5 year trading history: 3 within GCC/
MENA and 3 within Europe/US/Rest of the World

Industry picked is the Retail Industry; the Companies picked are:
from GCC and listed in Tadawul
1-Abdullah Al Othaim Markets Co.
2-Fawaz Abdulaziz Alhokair Co.
3-Jarir Marketing Co.

from US and listed in NYSE:
2-7 Eleven


A. Industry introduction: major players, market shares, revenues, TA, No. of employers, countries of operations, major events, threats, ….
C. Stockholder Analysis
i. Report the ownership structure of firms (Individuals, government, institutional investors,
corporations, families, …domestic/foreign)
ii. What does the literature say about relationship between ownership structure & performance?

E. Dividend Policy
i. Review the literature addressing Dividend Policy in the case of GCC/MENA countries (minimum of 3
ii. List the different forms of payouts adopted by each firm over the past five years.
iii. State theory/theories that best explain the payout policies of these firms. Relate to Section C.i.

Your submitted report should be double spaced, Calibri font size 11, • with page numbering and includes the following sections:
Executive summary ¾
Outline ¾
Introduction of the industry chosen: major players, market share, ¾ Revenues, Profitability, trends,
issues, regulation, technology, life cycle, …
Analysis: ¾
A. Stockholder Analysis
o Literature Review
o Data
C. Dividend Policy
o Literature Review
o Data
Concluding remarks, issues and prospects ¾
Appendices: Charts, Graphs, Tables ¾
Bibliography ¾

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