• April 17th, 2016

Financial Performance in the Public Sector

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The public sector is one of the most dynamic areas of the UK’s economy today as successive

governments have sought to introduce market forces via regulation, funding changes, and

external audit requirements. From the NHS, to local government, to not for profit

institutions in the education sector, the current climate of austerity brings ever greater

challenges in achieving a much broader set of aims than simply the maximisation of

shareholder wealth.

Using publically available data, annual reports, and industry research we can focus on any

one of these subsectors and investigate the impact of new regulation, and new ‘quasi

market’ structures, on how these entities operate, how well they ‘perform’, and how

success can be measured in both monetary and non-monetary terms.

Example research questions could include:

  1. How have funding restrictions impacted the key performance indicators of NHS

Foundation Trusts?

  1. How have increased audit and disclosure requirements affected the clinical goals

within the NHS?

  1. How have funding cuts impacted on the revenue mix and range of services provided

by local government?

How have tuition fees and increased competition in the higher education sector

impacted University finances

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