• May 6th, 2015

Financial Market

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This is a group work assignment, I only need to do the question 2.
An executive summary is needed for the answer, and better no more than 200 words.
Use simple language.


Crowdfunding has received significant attention in recent months due to the significant increase in conjecture evident globally about equity based crowdfunding legislative pronouncements released in the U.S. and postulated in India. It is pertinent to acknowledge the implications of crowdfunding initiatives for the established financial markets. Will the quantum of funds exchanged within conventional financial markets be impacted? Consider the implications for Venture Capital and Series A funding cycles. Will these new methods allow firms to forgo IPO or pursue listing at later stages of their development?

The ambiguous nature of the legislative changes enacted in the U.S. has led to misunderstanding about the potential impact of such pronouncements for foreign markets in any.


Question 1. What is equity crowdfunding? How does equity based crowdfunding differ from non-equity based crowdfunding?


Question 2. Compare the legislation that has been enacted in the U.S., with the legislative proposal that has been offered for public comment within India.


Question 3. Analyze and discuss the implications of equity crowdfunding legislation for nations that have not enacted legislation of a similar nature and those that have enacted comparable legislation.


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