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Financial Entrepreneurial Initiatives

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MSc Financing Entrepreneurial Initiatives


Coursework Assessment Brief Spring Term 2016

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  1. AssessmentBrief


Using the Case Study ILinc  Case Study of a Start Up, imagine that you have been employed by a Venture Capital fund to assess ILinc as to its suitability for future investment by the VC fund.


  1. Carry out an internal assessment of ILinc and qualitatively analyse whether is a promising company to invest in. (No financial analysis is required)

10 marks


  1. ’What are the critical assumptions that underlie the key features of ILinc’s business plan?10 marks


  1. Discuss, with references, the likelihood of Ilinc succeeding as a new business, and whether ILinc is more likely to be successful than the average new company.

10 marks


  1. What features of ILinc’s business model allow them to create a new company with little investment?

10 marks


  1. Evaluate how useful ILinc’s financial projections are to a Venture Capitalist considering investing in the company and trying to assess what stake they would need to receive in exchange for their investment? What other information might they need?

15 marks


  1. Using information in the ILinc Case Study produce a set of cash flow forecasts for ILinc that a Venture Capitalist could use to value the company.

20 marks


  1. Using your forecasts in Q6 evaluate the terms of an offer that a Venture Capitalist should make for investing in ILinc and providing the injection of capital that it needs to fund its development.

20 marks


Any results should be analysed and critically evaluated, taking into account a range of possible outcomes. A portion of the marks in the calculation questions are attributable to the analysis accompanying the numbers.


In your answers, in addition to the information provided, please apply the concepts from the appropriate areas of financial and economic theory discussed during this and all previous modules during your course. Your answers should include appropriate numerical data and, if appropriate, charts.


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