• October 7th, 2017

Finance Research Paper

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Customer Satisfaction and employee satisfaction impact on hotel financial performance


• a problem, question or issue bearing on U.S. financial markets and institutions that is historically significant or currently important. This must be a solvable problem, like (1) You are hungry and need to eat, (2) You evaluate the situation by seeing how fast you want to eat, what you have in your home, how much money you have in your purse/wallet, etc, (3) You pose options like (a) make something from scratch, (b) microwave a meal, or (c) go to a restaurant, (4) You evaluate the three options individually and include their financial costs and benefits, (4) You compare the three options to each other, (5) You choose one of the three above ways to get lunch and justify it (6) You enact a plan to make it, microwave it or go out to the restaurant, and (6) finally you eat. If you do not do these steps then you will go hungry.

Do not pose a question like (1)World Peace needs solving, (2) Ummm…

Defining the problem in a non-solvable way is the #1 issue students have with the research paper in this class.

• research that demonstrates the validity and applicability of the problem, question or issue in the field

• a solution to the problem, question or issue or, if no solution is available, a discussion of alternatives that may be utilized

• a quantitative analysis of the proposed solution that demonstrates proficiency utilizing quantitative models in financial evaluations, and

• at least fifteen relevant sources from primary-source documents or reports, peer-reviewed journals or equivalent materials with substantive academic value, cited in the text and identified as references (e.g., Journal of Monetary Economics; American Economic Review; Journal of Political Economy; publication of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Board; official publications of publicly held financial institutions, etc.).

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