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Finance investment and risk

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Harvest Fund is a mutual fund that seeks to maximise investors’ total return. The
fund focuses on the domestic stock market and invests at least 80 per cent of its total
assets in the companies that are listed on the London Stock Exchange.
The fund’s objective is long-term growth, with the aim of outperforming the FTSE All
Share Index on an annual basis (after fees). The fund takes a focused approach and
has an investment mandate that limits it to holding no more than six stocks.
The fund managers review the portfolio periodically. While the fund follows a longterm
buy and hold strategy, the fund managers will sell existing holdings, buy new
stocks or change the portfolio weighting, if necessary, to improve the portfolio’s future
The key details of the existing fund are outlined below:
Investment name Number of shares
Vodafone Group 2,000,000
AstraZeneca 500,000
BP 3,000,000
Imperial Tobacco Group 1,000,000
Barclays 3,000,000
Aviva 2,000,000
Note: Assume that the fund is currently fully invested in equities and levies an
annual management fee of 1 per cent, which is taken on 1 January each
As an assistant to the Lead Fund Manager, you are asked to write a report to:
(a) measure and analyse the investment return and risk performance
of each holding, and the portfolio as a whole, for the last 12
months against relevant benchmarks; (15 marks)
(b) critically discuss the major events that had material impact on the
performance of each holding and the portfolio as a whole; and (15 marks)
(c) review the past performance of each holding and the portfolio as a
whole and make suggestions as to how the portfolio performance
can be improved in the future. (20 marks)
Note: Your recommendations should be focused on the fund’s key investment
indicators highlighted in the information and table above.
(Total – 50 marks)
Word count: Maximum 4,000 words including quotations and in-text citations.

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