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  • July 31st, 2015


Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Please use the work sheet provide, some questions will need to be done on separate paper, please ensure if this happens you number it tclearly

Write and explain the following:


Q39. Role play for Case Study 1- The Agostini’s Strata Unit Purchase


1: Advised the client of the loan structure recommended and why


2; Advise the client of the stage of the financing/broking process and loan to be provided

3: explain what happens next


Write and explain the follwing

Q62. Role Play for Case Study 4 – Angela and Sam


1: Advised the client of the recommendation you are making in relation to approval or rejection of the loan and why


2: The type of loan you are recommending and why

3: If security is required and if it meets the LVR of your organisation


4: How the loan will be written


5: Approval conditions of the loan and why


6; Explains what will happen next

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