• April 10th, 2016


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the teacher want us to complete the spreadsheet in Excel, then write an essay answering the questions from 16-8.

– I will uploade the case and the speadsheet problem.

– Mini-case 3: Supply Chains and Working Capital Management
For this assignment you must include two different documents. You must include an Excel spreadsheet with all calculations and an APA style paper in Word addressing the questions found in the Spreadsheet Problem (16-18), Chapter 16.

– Ensure that you include a good introduction, definition of concepts supported by academic references, and a conclusion with good critical thinking.

– You need to calculate the Days Sales Outstanding, the Average Accounts Receivables, the Daily Sales based on 365 days, the Cash Conversion Cycle, Costs of Goods Sold, Inventory Turnover, and the Return on Equity based on tight, moderate and relaxed policies.

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